I’m an artist and coach with over ten years of experience in the circus arts. I completed aerial fabric teacher training in 2011 at the New England Center for Circus arts and began teaching in 2012. I opened Air Temple Arts, now one of the largest studios in New England, in 2013 where I now serve as the creative director.

As a performer, I focus on aerial silks, corde lisse, aerial hoop, and sling. As you may have already read I’m a prolific artist behind the curtain as well, and have produced a number of professional shows, including two touring productions.

As a coach, my goal is to build a sturdy foundation on great technique, with an understanding of aerial theory, so my students can unlock their ability to innovate authentically, creatively, and safely.

Circus Production

  • Wrote, directed, and produced 8 professional shows in 7 years
  • Background in creative writing – I can hone your ideas to their most effective iteration
  • Choreography creation for numerous ground and air pieces on all apparatus
  • Invention of the Infinity Hoop, an apparatus for three performers
  • Track record of sold out shows
  • Professional cat wrangler


  • Have worked as a full-time coach since 2013
  • Continual focus on self-improvement and regular lessons with master aerialists
  • Completion of formalized teacher training
  • Creation of successful teacher training program through Air Temple Arts
  • Have taught nationally from Massachusetts to Alaska, to California
  • My students have moved on to professional training programs and professional work