I am available for booking feature acts and ambient performance appropriate for festivals, stage, corporate, and private functions; especially in my primary disciplines of hoop juggling and aerial fabric.

For all booking inquiries please contact me. Download the packet below for examples of the works I can provide.


I have inhabited the outlines of many lives in my eighteen years of circus performance.

 I’ve been one of the Fates, dispassionately snipping the thread of life. I’ve been a bamboozled arctic explorer in over their head. I’ve been a tarot card; I’ve been one of those dinosaurs gone rouge in Jurassic Park (perhaps my favorite role as it involved a lot of growling and hissing and allowed me to unleash my inner goblin). I’ve been several outsized versions of myself. 

Being a generalist, I have also performed these characters and creatures through many disciplines including aerial fabric, duo aerial hoop, partner acrobatics and banquine, hoop juggling, Spanish web, solo aerial hoop, invented apparatus, and duo Chinese pole. 

My approach to performance is meticulous preparation. I have spent a year or more on certain pieces, excavating the texture of movement and researching new material. 

I am available for both feature and ambient performance work, primarily in the disciplines of aerial fabric and hoop juggling, though I’m open to all possibilities.