about me

Stacey Strange is a quintuple threat. A multidisciplinary circus, musical, and visual artist, she often combines art forms to create transportive entertainment rooted in meaningful storytelling. Her creations include aerial short films, touring circus productions, and the occasional novel. Her work has been called ‘As smart as it was entertaining—and it was very entertaining indeed.’ (The New Haven Independent)

She studied creative writing, classics, and film at Vassar College, tempered with four years in the school’s recreational circus club. She made it two whole months into graduate school in New York City before realizing she hated New York (she already knew this) and that she didn’t want to go into academia (she already knew this).

She swapped a closet-sized bedroom in New York for a blocks-long abandoned warehouse in Connecticut, and academia for studying aerial fabric primarily at the New England Center for Circus Arts where she is now a member of the permanent coaching staff. Though she’s never looked back, she has moved into a legally habitable dwelling.

She is the founder and creative director of Air Temple Arts in Connecticut, one of the largest circus studios in New England. A dedicated coach with over a decade of experience, she has taught myriad circus arts to hundreds of students across the United States and internationally. In 2018 she founded an aerial fabric teacher training program and expanded on the success of that program with a bar apparatus training in 2022.

She has been featured on the national PBS show START-UP, had her photography published in the New York Times, and has the most expressive feet one YouTube commenter has ever seen. Most recently she won a silver medal for her performance at the Hubei Chutian Star Guzheng Competition in China, which sees thousands of competitors.

Spring/Summer 2024 will see her touring LAYOVERS, a small, ensemble show about suitcases, gravity, and time. Layovers also includes a hybrid piece of hoop juggling and self-accompaniment on guzheng featuring the industrious use of a looping pedal. She is also brainstorming a solo show, and querying a novel about magic, alchemy, and love. 

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