Q: What’s a circus show without a good bootstraps paradox and a dance piece set to Einstein’s definition of time dilation?


Special Relativity was born out of a longstanding fascination with time travel stories, a steady diet of sci-fi, too much Doctor Who in one sitting, and the knowledge that our home theater’s tech director could transform a humble black box into the star strewn void of space.

In Special Relativity, a steel magnate from the 1890s finds both his mettle and the depth of his devotion tested when a space/time accident separates him from his betrothed. If he’s going to have any chance of seeing her again, he has no choice but to follow her path through the time vortex.

Carried along by fragments from a treatise on time travel written in her future, his journey will take him from the Stone Age, to Versaille, and a dystopian future full of sexy gladiatrix told through Chinese pole, aerial dance, and contortion.

Special Relativity debuted in New Haven, CT in 2015.

Photos by Jennifer Higham