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Press for LOOM:

LOOM is an innovative fusion of contemporary circus, theater, dance, myth, and poetry through a feminist lens.

Over the course of LOOM stories are shaped and re-shaped as six women weave an original tapestry on a floating, circular frame.

The shade of a poet’s greatest muse, a warrior maiden, a trickster trapped in a loop of perception, and a prophet whom none believe—these stories and more are woven throughout the fabric of LOOM, an intimate, feature-length production which blends contemporary circus, theater, dance, and more as it explores themes of narrative and female power. LOOM brings to stage myth and folklore both well-worn and obscure through movement and poetry.
LOOM was written, directed, and choreographed by me!

Press for How the Light Gets In:

How the Light Gets In comprises individual vignettes that meld theater and circus in innovative ways to explore stories both universal and deeply personal, humorous and serious.

In How the Light Gets In, the circus artists of Air Temple Arts present a night of performances that dig deep, as they share stories about personal growth–their triumphs, failures, and the times they just kept going.

I directed, produced, and wrote group choreography for How the Light Gets In  

Press for Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night:

Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night is a hybrid work of traditional theater and contemporary circus. In this original story, featuring a predominantly female cast—including the residents of 221B—Sherlock and Watson unravel the mystery of six, missing, young women and their connection with an enigmatic, star-gazing cult.

Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night explores themes of feminism and femininity, police bureaucracy, and the responsibility of power through the physicality of circus performance and features Spanish web, Chinese pole, aerial silks, lyra, contortion, hand balancing, diabolo, acrobatics, and more.

I co-wrote, directed, produced, and choreographed Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night

Review from the New Haven Independent

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Press for Special Relativity:

In Special Relativity a steel magnate from the 1890s finds both his mettle and the depth of his devotion tested when a space/time accident separates him from his betrothed. If he’s going to have any chance of seeing her again he has no choice but to follow her path through the time vortex.

We’ll travel from the Stone Age to a dystopian future, telling the story of Special Relativity through Chinese pole, aerial dance, acrobatics, contortion, Spanish web and more.

I co-directed, wrote, choreographed and produced Special Relativity

Preview from the New Haven Register

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Missed Connections:

With stories drawn from the darkest corners of to the chaos of Bradley International Airport, Missed Connections explores human 

relationships gone awry through aerial dance, juggling, trapeze, hoop diving, hand balancing and more.

I wrote, directed, and choreographed Missed Connections

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